The Benefits of Sport Activities for Children with Special Needs

Fundamental and movement based sports like gymnastics are of a tremendous benefit to special needs children.  Sports in general provide valuable benefits to special needs children, among those benefits are weight control, increased mobility/activeness, self image improvements, social skills and overall motivation improvements.


The work/reward relationship in any sport as well as team building skills can be very helpful to the children and their families.

Physical Improvements - Given that physical impairments afflict special needs children with cognitive disabilities, we tailored our special needs gymnastic program to help develop and augment fundamental motor and physical fitness skills.  These skills will greatly help improve motor skill areas such as hopping, skipping and jumping.

Self-Esteem - Environment is an important part in developing self esteem, it is especially important for special education students.  Our program is designed to provide the child with ample opportunities and encouragements to be involved in a rewarding and enriching way.  They will develop skills and abilities because of the positive foundation that are lay down by improved self-image and increased confidence levels.

Cognitive Benefits - Cognitive skill improvements in children with disabilities can be attained via hands-on sports.  These improvements lead to the discovery of physical and mental strengths that cannot be achieved in a traditional class room setting.  Decision making skills and self regulation are a few of the skills learned via involvement in organized sports.  Verbal communication and team work round out the skills learned and/or augmented when participating in highly structurized sports.

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