Gymnastics Programs

Gymnastic Programs

Miami Gymnastics and Dance offers the following classes in gymnastics:

Pre School Gymnastics
The philosophy of this program is to provide a nurturing preschool environment designed to increase each child’s self-confidence, improve both gross and fine motor skills, teaching your toddler balance and coordination, increasing strength and flexibility along with socialization, fun, making new friends and learning to be a team player.

Girls Gymnastics
Our recreational program for children ages 5 ½ years old and older is specifically designed and tailored to each child. Our programs are designed to benefit each child's particular skill level both physically and mentally. Safety is our number one priority here & that is why Miami Gymnastics places such emphasis on proper progression of skills.

Boys Gymnastics
The structure of the boy’s gymnastic classes follows the men’s Olympic events (Floor Exercise, High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Rings and Vault). Classes range between 60 - 90 minutes depending on the lesson of the day and experience.  Progressive training is maintained, students are grouped based on ability and age. Each class has a flexibility and strength station setup.

The Miami Gymnastics Tumbling Program is for students that are interested who want to concentrate on floor exercise tumbling skills. Students have available a plethora of learning tools to assist them.

Gymnastic Team
Gymnastics as a “sport” is totally different from gymnastics as an “activity”! Therefore, Miami Gymnastics competitive teams are a separate program from the fun and recreational levels of the gym. MGDA competitive program provides training in all Olympic apparatus including bars, beams, vault, and floor exercise.

After School Academy
The Miami Gymnastics afterschool program provides after school pick up services.  Once at the gym, they are able to take a 1 hour class in the discipline of their choice: Gymnastics, cheerleading, dance/rhythmic, trampoline or tumbling.

Special Needs
Fundamental and movement based sports like gymnastics are of a tremendous benefit to special needs children.  Sports in general provide valuable benefits to special needs children, among those benefits are weight control, increased mobility/activeness, self image improvements, social skills and overall motivation improvements.