Open Gym

All open gym sessions are available on a pay as you go basis as well as on a monthly fee basis.
Miami Gymnastics prides itself on having a seasoned and professional staff.  You can be assured that your training will be exact, you will be taught correct gymnastic techniques; which are vital for progression to advanced levels of gymnastics.


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Open Gym
You will increase your core strength, improve your flexibility and prepare your mind for competition or for the rigors of the sport.

Length: 60 minutes
Pre-Qualifications: Must be 8 years old.
Apparel: Girls wear leotard with or without elastic waist shorts or unitard with gymnastics shoes
Regular training schedule September through May/June.
Adjusted schedule during summer months.
Tuition fee shown on the schedule is based on the number of days listed on the schedule. We strongly recommend you speak to the instructor to determine a suitable number of classes per week for maximum skill progression. Discounts available for multiple classes 20 - 50%. An annual family membership fee is due at the time of enrollment. The fee is based on the program.